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Family-run, in partnership with Humboldt County and the State of California.

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Chronic Creek combines Humboldt Legacy with Silicon Valley Innovation.

Chronic Creek emerged from a belief that the intersection of art and technology delivers magical experiences for consumers. The Chronic Creek team is a leader in bringing the decades long Humboldt County cannabis innovation engine into the burgeoning open California cannabis marketplace.

Our farm manager, Heather Keating, has a multi-generational link to Humboldt county that dates back to the 19th century. These strong roots enable Chronic Creek to truly understand the mastery of cannabis cultivation that is particular to this region.

When combined with the start-up mindset that comes from our team's experience founding many successful technology startups, the result is a unique set of consumer focused cannabis products that deliver quality at unprecedented levels... well, that is why we are Pure Humboldt.


Chronic Creek's primary goal is to support cannabis legalization and to provide safe, effective, high quality, affordable cannabis to patients who need it. We support this goal by creating a compliant, competitive, socially responsible company.

Although the goal listed above is central to our efforts, there are many secondary/related goals for which we advocate:

  • - Producing cannabis products that are safe for consumers.
    - Creating a positive public image for the cannabis industry.
    - Protecting the environment through sustainable growing practices.
    - Promoting governance that is based on scientific fact, not prejudice or superstition.
    - Taxing cannabis sales and making productive use of the proceeds.
    - Eliminating the impotent war on drugs.
    - Eliminating the illegal cannabis trade in the U.S.
    - Creating jobs through the expansion of the cannabis industry.
    - Controlling the distribution of cannabis so that it does not get into the hands of children or criminals.
    - Continuing the ongoing support for cannabis legalization.

Growing Now

- 4G
- Blackberry Fire
- Do-sa-Do
- Girl Scout Cookies
- GG#4
- Larry OG
- Skywalker OG
- Superglue


Here at Chronic Creek, we create and utilize sustainable organic potting soil to develop a viable food web for microorganisms and beneficial bacteria promoting healthy roots. Our plants receive daily attention where we use the latest in green house and light technology to ensure proper light spectrum. -Our non-toxic pest control solutions and pairing of certain varieties of flora to naturally deter pests has allowed us to pass the rigorous testing of the state of California in EVERY strain grown at Chronic Creek. We pride ourselves on our sustainable, environmentally conscious, organic growing methods. Our blend of technology and hands on, "old school" techniques creates a dynamic environment for our plants to thrive. That is why we are PURE HUMBOLDT!


Multiple Products

- Flower and pre-rolls


- If you are interested in employment in this exciting, burgeoning industry please contact us. We are always looking for highly motivated, like-minded people in numerous capacities.

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CA State License:
Adult Use: TAL17-0000841
Medical: TML17-0000840

Permanent Humboldt County license

Member of both:
California Growers Association and Humboldt County Growers Alliance

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PO Box 285
Arcata, CA
United States